Alia Bhatt in still from Student Of The Year Movie
Alia Bhatt in still from Student Of The Year Movie

Student Of The Year is less than 48 hours away from release and newbie Alia Bhatt understands that quite a few reputations are at stake with her, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra being the three newcomers on whom Karan Johar has placed his bets.

“Just look at him, he has worked with the best in the industry while neither of us had ever faced the camera before. I have to ensure that he is not let down. Ditto for Varun who is Mr. David Dhawan’s son and just can’t slip. Same holds good for Sidharth too who dropped modelling to enter films. There is a pressure of different kind but when some people choose to see just one side of affairs, it upsets me sometimes. All my concentration though is on pleasing audience more than anyone else. Once they accept you, all noises go down”, smiles Alia.

However one wonders whether there was any noise whatsoever during the making of ‘Student of the Year’. Though Karan Johar is known for being quite mild mannered even during the shoot of his films, the fact remains that he has worked only with superstars before with Shah Rukh Khan leading from the front. With a trio of completely inexperienced bunch of newcomers, could he maintain similar composure?

“Honestly, I was very nervous working with Karan. I couldn’t ever imagine that he would be so patient with us. I mean come on, he has worked with the best of the best. On the other hand we used to give so many takes. Guess what, at times he would actually imitate an entire scene and tell us how to go about doing it”, smiles Alia, “He understood that we were newcomers and had to be guided. He gave us that kind of time and explained everything to us for as many number of times as we wanted. He would explain what happened before a scene and what is expected after that. He has been a fabulous teacher.”

Hope the students pay back well now. ‘Student of the Year’ with music by Vishal and Shekhar releases all over this Friday.

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