While producer-director Ram Gopal Varma has already started writing the script of his next film, God And Sex, based on the Swami Nityananda sex scandal, his next production, Phoonk 2, directed by protégé Milind Gadagkar, is ready for release on April 16. KoiMoi had a quick word with Ramu on the film and his recent public spat with Karan Johar.

Why did you not direct PHOONK 2?
It doesn’t matter who’s directing the film as long as it enthralls the audience. I had great faith in Milind, who has also written the script for Phoonk 2. Besides, I was busy with Rakta Charitra.

We shout out loud when a director gives away a sequel, but in Hollywood, it is commonplace for film franchises to shift hands.

Just like PHOONK, this film too is being promoted by way of contests.
Contests are a way of promoting the film, just like theatrical trailers or any other innovative ideas. They are no big deal.

Is it because you don’t have a huge star cast?
It is not like I did not have stars in Bhoot or any of my previous films. It’s more important to have believable characters in a film rather than stars. Moreover, the decision to have stars has to be made on a project-by-project basis.

Karan Johar recently said on Twitter that he dreamed of being scared while watching PHOONK 2 and then holding your hand…
(Laughs) I really did not know where that came from. But yes, I replied back saying that I was scared of the hand-holding part!

Do you tweet often?
I have a presence on the site but I think that Twitter is a nonsensical medium.

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