Ashutosh Gowariker will launch a worldwide hunt for a new boy to play the lead actor in his most ambitious film, Buddha. The film, being made for Dr. B.K. Modi’s Spice, will focus on the life of Prince Siddhartha and his journey to enlightenment after which he came to be known as Gautam Buddha. Gowariker plans to make the historical epic story à la Hollywood’s Gladiator. Says Dr. Modi, “This will be the first global film coming from India for the global audience, about the man who brought India on the world map and the philosophy which will make the world live as one family.” Ashutosh Gowariker has invited actors interested in playing the role, from whichever part of the world they may hail, to visit the film’s website,, download the sample scenes, enact them, shoot them and upload the audition videos along with pictures.




  1. thats really a nice idea … we dont want our bollywood actors in these roles actually… ashutosh keep up the good work… wish u good luck…!!

  2. hiiii sir,

    I really want to be apart of your movie .I am looking forward to work with you .I am good in dancing & other activities give me a chance. .SIR PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE CAN I SUBMIT MY PHOTOGRAPHS AND WHERE ARE THE AUDTITIONS TAKING PLACE FOR THIS


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