Partition: 1947 releases this Friday and if the promos of the film are any indication, quite a few unknown details would be unveiled in this story which promises to unveil one of the biggest world conspiracies in the century gone by. Though there is good intrigue building around what this Gurinder Chadha directed film has to offer, the team is eagerly waiting with bated breath to see how audiences respond to this tale that chronicles the incidents that took place in months leading to the India and Pakistan partition.


“Gurinder is a brown female filmmaker in an all white world out there in the West and for her to envisage and then put together Partition: 1947 is remarkable,” says Huma Qureshi, the lead actress of the film, “This one is such a big film with so many extras and a massive cast. We are also talking about a complicated yet interesting political scene. There are Western and Indian studios coming together to ensure that the film gets a well spread out the international release. More power to Gurinder, she is a wonderful lady and we have a lot of mutual respect for one another.”

Huma Qureshi on Partition: 1947 - "We are talking about a complicated yet interesting political scene"
Huma Qureshi on Partition: 1947 – “We are talking about a complicated yet interesting political scene”

This is also the first time ever when Huma has featured in a film as big as this with an all around international appeal.

“It was an enriching experience undoubtedly,” says Huma, “The film opened up my eyes and I pushed myself to understand the events and convey it through my act. As for the vast cast, it is the most diverse that I have worked with. Working with different people from all over the globe made it a crazy experience for me. Everyone was keen to know about India and Bollywood. They had too many questions about my country.”

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So how did she answer them all?

Says Huma with a laugh, “I just told them that telling stories about the country won’t really make them understand it much. They should come and spend time here; that would bring them closer to India.”

Meanwhile, one looks forward to audience response when the film releases all over this Friday.

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