Hrithik Roshan, who overcame stammering and a back problem to be the popular film star that he is, is coming up with a new TV show “HRX Heroes”, aimed at inspiring children and youth to fight their inner demons. The actor says that while the emotional support of family and friends is important in overcoming obstacles in life, it’s not indispensable.

“In my journey, my family was there as an emotional support. Without an emotional support, it becomes harder, but I would not advocate to people that without emotional support, you cannot do it (anything). I believe you have all the resources you need in life, within you.

Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan

“Sometimes you feel lack of love or lack of someone who is not there to hold you or hug you, I will not propagate that… I believe that you can do it without that and if you become the source of your own strength, it would be great. I know it is difficult but I have practiced it,” added Hrithik, who split from his wife Sussanne in December 2013.

The actor, known for his Greek god looks and incredible dance moves, will be seen as an anchor on Discovery Channel’s “HRX Heroes”, a nine-part series which will tell real-life stories of Indian men and women who did not give up on their dreams despite tough times and emerged as heroes. The show will begin on November 2.

Hrithik was asked about the most important family member and especially the most important woman whom he would like to acknowledge for his success story. He took a pause, and then said: “I think what supported me was a visual of myself five years from now. I sat and I chose to sit and visualise myself doing the things I wanted to do, which people thought that I should not be doing or may be not safer. But I could see my ideal or better me.

“I had a recurring dream of a man with his hair flying and is waving at me. And finally in the movie ‘Krrish‘, I became that guy.”

He says he would like to share with the world his belief that it is possible to look at adversity in the face and emerge victorious by overcoming it.

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