Media is toh so vella aaj kal. Let’s call them hungry hounds at best. Such nautanki is going on and the sabse kharab thing is that they are giving uss nautanki ko super much footage. I mean sacchi WTF yaar. Hrithik, poor thing was beemar, so he walked out of Karan Johar ka Shuddhi. Chalo understandable. Fir Kareena walked out coz of the delay. Check 2, samajh gaye. Aage Deepika got signed, check 3, ditto! Then since Deepika is dating Ranveer toh the project apparently went to him, check 4! Bhago mat, there’s more. Then Hrithik ki tabyat overnight got better and he was taken back, check 5. Then Check 6 was when he was replaced by Aamir Khan. Whoa! And so much happened without any confirmation, all hawa mein…. Wow!

Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan
Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan

There is so much vellapanti going on to fill pages of tabloids naaji? How lame! Wanna hear the latest? Hrithik and Aamir ka exchange offer is on too. While Aamir might take away Shuddhi, Hrithik might take away another hawa mein venture of Farhan and Ritesh’s Production house. Media mein it is called the Time Travel Drama, that Aamir ne mujhe bataya was never with him.

So basically these projects are out of the delusions of some media ka banda. Probably none of it ever happened and woh banda schizophrenic hai. Panne bharne ke liye news chaapna band karo meri jaan. As Pati says to me, Gandhiwadism and his sacchai is dying. Clearly!

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