Kangna Ranaut is all excited for her first comic role in No Problem and that too with a huge star cast. Surely Anil Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Sanjay Dutt, Akshaye Khanna and the others had a blast during the shooting in Durban, Cape Town and Mumbai. While they did have their share of fun, there were a few unexpected incidents as well.

How The 'No Problem' Team Got Flooded!

The climax of the movie involved the entire cast frantically looking for some lost diamonds when suddenly a bomb explodes – breaking a huge fish tank filled with almost 60,000 litres of water!

Being a one-shot climax scene, everything was designed meticulously and things were expected to go as intended. However, the fish tank exploded with a much greater impact, causing the water to rush out with a tremendous force & flooding the entire set! A lot of equipment, including the cameras was damaged, and a wave of panic hit the cast & crew!

Luckily enough the reel was saved and all was restored to normal soon enough and the scene was executed superbly. Well, this is one film where all problems turn into ‘No Problem’!

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