Such is the poor fate of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif’s Tees Maar Khan that the first week’s occupancy of the film at Novelty Lalbagh cinema, Lucknow was a meagre 80 percent; in its second week, the footfalls nosedived so that the occupancy at the same theatre dropped to 35 percent.

Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif (Tees Maar Khan Wallpaper)

In its third week, the occupancy further fell to 10 percent. In other words, ‘Tees Maar Khan‘ was not even able to recover the theatre rental in its third week, earning it the dubious distinction of going what in trade parlance is called in deficit.

Lamented a trade person, “In the good old days, names of directors like Manhoman Desai and Prakash Mehra guaranteed hits and super-hits. When you booked their films at cinemas, you were assured that they would run for 15-25 weeks. But, with today’s filmmakers, respectable collections for even 15 shows are no guarantee.”

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