Saba Qamar, who was last seen in Hindi Medium with Irrfan Khan, gets emotional as she narrates an incident about the humiliation she and people of her country Pakistan face at International airports.

Talking about it, Saba was in tears as she tells that how humiliated she feels with the way she is questioned and checked at the airports just because she owns a Pakistani passport.

Hindi Medium’s Saba Qamar Gets Emotional Narrating A Humiliating Incident At International Airport
Hindi Medium’s Saba Qamar Gets Emotional Narrating A Humiliating Incident At An International Airport

In a video which is going viral on the internet, we can see Saba narrating the whole story. She said, “We boast about Pakistan. We say Pakistan is this and that. But when you go out of the country and the way we are checked, I can’t tell you. I feel so humiliated the way I am frisked. I remember I want for a shoot in Tbilisi (Capital of Georgia) and my entire Indian crew was allowed to go. But I was stopped because of my Pakistani passport. I was investigated and they took my interview and then they let me go. That day I realised this is what our position is and this is where we stand.”

In the past, we have seen similar kind of thing happening with our own King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan. Even he had faced such detainment in the US just because he is a Khan. Nevertheless, he soon received an apology from the US ambassador Richard Verma who had tweeted to him saying, ‘Sorry for the trouble at LAX @iamsrk. We are working to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Your work inspires millions, including in the US.’

Well, we must say that discriminating on the basis of countries is just not fair. And every Pakistani is not a terrorist.

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