Himmatwala Movie Poster
Himmatwala Movie Poster

Sajid Khan’s much ambitious remake of the 1983 film Himmatwala has been stalled. Now, Don’t let your grey cells do much of a thinking. The Ajay Devgan starrer action flick has always been in news since its announcement. Now, as per speculations, B-Town’s Singham has tentatively fallen ill on the sets, causing a setback to the entire team.

Ajay, who was busy shooting in Hyderabad for the 2013 release had been throwing up for the last two days but managed to continue with the shoot, in order to avoid any delay. Known to be a hard task master for himself, he embodies strength and perseverance and fought against his weakness to avert any further logjams for the film. But matters became worse as other technicians, along with Devgan supposedly fell sick. Stomach infection, as the doctors suggested, was caused mainly due to the water that the team was consuming during their shoot. As news stands now, the shooting for the film has been temporarily stalled for the moment.

Known for his stances and generosity, Ajay has announced that the entire crew would only consume bottled water from now on and they would resume shoot as soon as they are fit. With the story of the filibuster hitting everywhere, we just wish the team recovers soon and there be no further hindrance to it anymore.

The film which also stars Southern starlet Tamannaah is all set to hit the screens in March 2013 and recreate the magic that the Jeetendra-Sridevi created with their version of Himmatwala back in the 1980s

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