Richa Chadha has many reasons to celebrate her birthday this year. Her last comedy film has been was appreciated by one and all, not only the critics but also the audience loved her so much.

Richa has already gifted herself a pre-birthday gift in form of a luxury car but that’s not it someone special in her life has given her the best gift this birthday. We all know how much she loves animals, Ali Fazal gifted her a cat as her pre-birthday gift.

Richa is an absolute animal lover and has always been expressive and supportive for animal welfare. She already has a cat in Mumbai called Kamli and has been toying with the idea of adopting another cat. Ali gifted Richa an early birthday surprise with another cat joining her Mumbai family and has named her Jugni!

Here's What Ali Fazal Gifter Richa Chadha For Her Birthday
Here’s What Ali Fazal Gifted Richa Chadha For Her Birthday

Speaking about his gesture, Ali said, “Richa’s love for cats is well known. The one I got needed a home and she came at such an auspicious time being Richa’s birthday so I decided to gift the cat the best home I could think of. Its not a gift that was bought like some commodity. I’ve known Richa for a while and very few people know how to unconditionally love other beings. The kitten is in great hands.”

Richa Chadha says the reach of radio is unmatched in comparison to any other medium.

The Fukrey Returns actress spoke in support of version 2.0 of Radio City’s ‘Rag Rag Mein Daude City’ initiative.

She said in a statement, “Radio has the power to entertain masses across all classes of society and has a reach that is unmatched in comparison to any other medium.”

Lauding how the medium helps bind together listeners from every nook and corner of the city”, Richa said the campaign — which delves on showcasing that radio is a theatre of the mind that transcends beyond being just a mere audio medium — about is a “reflection of the power of radio and portrays how it best relays the pulse of the city”.

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