Selected students of the Stanford University came to Mumbai recently to meet some public figures who have done well in their careers and are role models to many. Shah Rukh Khan was at the top of their wish-list and they did spend some quality time with the actor yesterday.


SRK shared some of the experiences of his life and said that with this interaction he hopes to learn more than what the Business school students can learn from him. He also spoke about Fan, the film he is currently shooting for, which is being directed by Manish Sharma.

Shah Rukh Khan at an event
Shah Rukh Khan at the event

I don’t have a speech prepared and I won’t be able to tell you about business. But yes I can share with you the frailties that I have as a person. Because no matter how successful you are and no matter how much money you have, you frailties always remain with you. Frailties or failures need to be celebrated. One should never fear them, but should learn from them. And you will only learn from them and not fear them when you have the feeling that you have nothing to lose. I always like to go back to that feeling,” said SRK.

A lot of the students of the business school were aware of Indian Cinema and especially Shah Rukh Khan movies. The actor also answered questions about success, Kolkata Knight Riders and shared the fact that he only does business in the area he is passionate about.

“I am passionate about Film, kids and cricket and hence I make cinema, I have KidZania and I have KKR,” he said. The session ended with the students posting with SRK and having a quick personal chat.

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