How poetic can the life be? “Zindagi main jeet jaaun, saari duniya par main chaahoon, bas itna sa khwab hai,” While shooting for this song Shah Rukh Khan laid his eyes on Mannat & 4 years later the bungalow was his. Happy birthday Shah Rukh Khan!


Dear Shah,

When I was growing up there were films and there were Shah Rukh Khan ki movies. Still clearly remember those days when my mother used to ask me, “Mood off hai? Shah Rukh ki movie dekhega?” Then came Josh, those were the times when watching movies in theatres was a rare occasion but don’t know why I was stubborn to watch this film in a cinema hall. Still, remember how my mother took me to watch it without informing anyone in the house. The secret was busted because we were stuck in rains while coming back, but it was fun adding one more interesting Shah Rukh Khan memory to the list.

#HappyBirthdaySRK: Open Letter To The Hysteria Known As Shah Rukh Khan
#HappyBirthdaySRK: Open Letter To The Hysteria Known As Shah Rukh Khan

Everyone knows you smoke, but very few of us know how you put it off when someone’s not comfortable around you. Yes, you are the king of romance but we all see ourselves in you – a common man fighting all odds to make it big.

We are your fans but you are even a super-star where your movies don’t release.

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Holding the record of longest running movie of Indian cinema, you surely will also hold the record of longest loved star of the world. Like you, our biggest fear too, is the same, one day we will wake up and will not have any new movies starring Shah Rukh Khan. Your life has been a journey for us as well, an inspiration to everyone. Thesaurus should now officially adapt the synonym for romance as Shah Rukh Khan.

With Love,
Umesh Punwani.




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