Randeep Hooda says he is happy that children nowadays are educated when it comes to social issues ailing the country.

Randeep was here at Vibgyor High School on Wednesday in support of the save environment and keep surroundings plastic-free movement.

“As a kid, I didn’t have issues with public speaking, but I got nervous after seeing these kids here. I am happy to see kids are educated about the issues in our society and have solutions. They are also very enthusiastic about solving the problems,” he said.

Happy to see kids are educated about issues ailing society: Randeep
Randeep Hooda: Happy To See Kids Are Educated About The Issues In Our Society & Have Solutions

The actor also said people need to go beyond social media activism. “You think your job is done after sharing and liking, but who does the actual work?”

He said schools should increasingly involve children in such activities because “until and unless these kids clean with their hands and take part in such drives they won’t know what they, their parents and we as humans are doing to planet Earth”.

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