So, it’s that time of the year! It’s the time when a superstar of our country is worshipped by many, children idolise him, girls can’t wait to catch his first glimpse, a day in everyone’s life which they have been eagerly waiting for! It’s none other than but our Dabangg Khan aka Salman Khan’s birthday!

This day is celebrated in our country like it’s a festival for all of us. People from every part of the world travel to Mumbai just to see him once in his famous Galaxy Apartment balcony, waving and greeting his fans! And trust me guys, this is a thorough lifetime experience and one should definitely go and encounter these visuals.

Happy Birthday Salman Khan! Fans, These Qualities Are A Must Have To Be His Diehard Fan
Happy Birthday Salman Khan! Fans, These Qualities Are A Must Have To Be His Diehard Fan


The most eye-grabbing attraction during this whole event is those die-hard fans who dress same like Bhai or they just look exactly like him! No, I am not kidding. I personally have seen these crazy fans outside his house! People walking bare-chested or wearing a Firoza bracelet, coming with Salman’s Tere Naam hairstyle and so on! So, there are things we do as a Bhai fan and all this bhaicasm in us comes out when his birthday is around the corner or during his films’ releases or there are some like me who breathe, talk, walk, sleep- SALMAN! (No, no I am not kidding this time, sachi! :p).


As Salman turns 52 today, here are a few things I am sure that you guys must have done in your lives for the love of our own Sallu Bhai and if yes, you will definitely relate to them! This is a proper Bhai checklist, see if every one of you qualify to be a DIEHARD SALMAN FAN! Have a look:

1. The foremost and the most basic thing is that you always put your sunglasses at the back of your collar just like Chulbul Pandey does in Dabangg! This style of Salman took the country by storm as everyone from different age groups tried to copy it! You just try to get in that Dabangg mode and assume that it’s playing, ‘Swagat Nahi Karoge Aap Humara’ in the background just like Salman does in the film! Maante ho ki nahi?

2. A must-have clothing- A Being Human T-Shirt! And then we all be like- Hum Yaha Ke Salman Hai, Salman Khan! ?

3. Believe it or not, once in a lifetime all the guys MUST HAVE kept middle partitioned hairstyle just like Radhe Mohan! ?? Salman as Radhe was on a next level altogether!

4. Ye wala toh paka hoga hi! If you don’t have that Salman’s patent silver bracelet with a Firoza stone in your hand, then we highly doubt if you are a true Salman fan!

5. Salman! Salman! Have you done this during his films in a single screen theatre? Haan? Then boss, a salute to you! Watching a Salman film in Bandra’s Gaiety Galaxy and cheering loud, whistling while Bhai knocks down a villain with his super amazing action is a ritual! It’s just like a temple!??

6. Six packs abs is a pure commitment! Having a chiseled body just like Salman is everyone’s dream! Commitment Ke Baad Toh Main Apni Bhi Nahi Sunta…! ?

7. Dancing bare-chested to the tunes of O O Jaane Jaane is love. Be it a friends trip or a family function, Salman Ki Aatma Automatically Aa Hi Jaati Hai!

8. Eid celebrations become your mandatory thing! Just like Bhai, we too wait for this day to come as his films are released during that time and it’s a pure Jashan for all of us! Aaj Ki Party Salman Ke Taraf Se! ?

9. Catching a first-day first show is a rule in your rule book! And taking your non-Salman fan along with you is just like a Sone Pe Suhaaga moment! Isse Kehte Hai Asli Fan… ? there’s an added advantage to it, your friend can record your reactions while watching the film since they will be embarrassed with you by then!

10. Last but not the least, respecting your family and girls is the topmost priority on the list! Whenever we see Hum Saath Saath Hai, a Prem in us comes out!??



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