Ek kahaani sunaun? “Bahut pehle ki baat hai, jab Peshawar mein ek aadmi paida hua uska naam tha – Raj. Bollywood ki aag aisi faili, ki Raj kuch saalo mein star ban gaya. Usne drama movies mein kaam kiya, din raat shooting ki, jaan laga di aur apni pehchaan banayi. Ab uska beta aaya, naya hero – Rishi.”

“Rishi ne bhi mehnat ki, business ko badaya, memorable movies ki, bachcho ko ache se padaya likhaya aur purani legacy ko aur bada kiya aur phir uska beta aaya, ab yeh apna hero hai – Ranbir Kapoor”

Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor
Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor

I had no better way to introduce a legend apart from relating him to one of his best scenes. From pouring his soul in every role he performs, he is the master living under the skin of a student. From a lost teenager to a Punjabi salesman, from a love-obsessed Rockstar to a deaf-mute lover – he has nailed every role with his inventiveness.

Today, he turns 36 and I want to dedicate him a quote from a Newton – “Sooraj na chahte hue bhi prakash baant hi deta hai.”

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A scene of Rockstar in which Ranbir sits in the hospital as Nargis (Fakhri) is admitted and police turns in to arrest him. His agonized eyes, pain in his voice as he says “Mujhe yeh sab nahi chahiye, nahi ban na bada, mera dil nahi tootna chahiye” proved why he is not just any other actor portraying a role. Blindfold yourself and pick any of his roles – you will get a scene which only he could have done it.

When we talk about perfection – Aamir Khan is the name which pops out in our head first but Ranbir Kapoor is the only contender to carry this legacy. A fun fact is he tried around 65-70 boxers for the introduction shot of his character in Wake Up Sid.

There, also was a fact which revealed Ranbir Kapoor, when a kid, used to have conversations with dead people like Hitler. I feel this reflects today when he wants to narrate a story with his eyes.

In front of the camera being a fictional character making people feel for then is what good actors do. There are actors who get into the skin of their characters but Ranbir, he becomes that character never making you feel he’s a star-son off camera. I, as a fan of quality cinema, just wish him to keep acting as long as he can.

Happy Birthday, Ranbir Kapoor, we love you!

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