Emraan Hashmi (Raaz 3 Movie Stills)
Emraan Hashmi (Raaz 3 Movie Stills)

Though from a Bollywood family of sorts, this self made man has always taken the route less traveled to reach the pinnacles of stardom that he is a part of today. Shimmering storylines, glowing eyes and beaming rays of stardust: these surround Emraan Hashmi, the Methodist 24×7 as he gifts the tinsel Ville with one super hit after the other.


From an almost brushed out and washed away lusty actor to a performer of substance today, Emraan Hashmi has always had it the hard way. Be it his hyped lip lock scenes or the occasional flops, Emraan has always been quite upright yet convictive about his earnestness. Shorn of any artifice, Emraan celebrates his 34th birthday today as we decipher the Emraan Hashmi puzzle in bits and pieces!

The Not-so-Happening Debut

Whilst he carried off his role in his maiden vehicle Footpath with élan and suaveness, the film could not work at the box office failing to do much good to his career. But Emraan, who has been gritty and determined from Day 1 waited patiently for his fortune to shine bright. And he shone like a diamond. The film failed but Emraan got the critical acclaim and then the dangerous Murder happened!

The Murderous Start to Stardom!

Boldness got a new definition and lust got a new face as Emraan Hashmi went on a kissing spree in his second venture. The kissing scanner which was a mammoth thirteen in the film made Emraan Hashmi an almost unforgettable face, not just bringing him the due recognition but also appreciating the jinx that he broke with such a powerful step in Bollywood. And hence Murder actually paved way for Emraan the star to come in full fervour and sheen to bamboozle the audiences at bay.

Birth of the Serial Kisser:

Gay icons, sex bombs, item girls were the clichéd tags that Bollywood offered for ages now but it was time for some myths to be thrown out of the windows now. And it was in the late 2000s that this brainy and brawny Emraan Hashmi shouldering the responsibility to make kissing a phenomenon. The Serial Kisser instantly became a complimentary tag and Emraan till date has been the ultimate stakeholder of this muah-muah tag! Hardly do you see him in a film sans his famous smooches but when he smooches, the audiences erupt in joy flooding him with wild calls, ceetees and taalis galore.

The Perfect Ingredient to Success:

In the recent past, barring a few odd films, Emraan Hashmi has always captained all his film ships taking it to the shore with effortless perfection. Becoming a brand for the industry in many centers, Emraan has actually shunned into the world of the ruling clans- the Khans, the Kapoors and The Bachchans making his legion a trademark to success. Riding high on his film’s overjoyed successes, producers queue up to Emraan for their films as Emraan established himself as the ultimate money-spinner for the Low Budgeted commercial films made today.

The Next Salman Khan:

While the Serial Kisser tag has been tugging along since the inception into filmdom, the path breaking successes of his recent movies have also brought him in the A-league of actors today, with comparisons being drawn with the King of Box Office today Salman Khan. Delighted and embarrassed at the tag, Emraan has loved the experience altogether as this tag npot just builds up an additional pressure but also helps the actor in him to achieve for larger dimensions. Who knows maybe he might just be the surprise pataka that can blast off quite a few contemporaries!

The Road to Unconventionality:

In most of his recent films, Emraan has been noted to play a variety of characters, ranging from an adult film maker to a creatively talented but disgusted director, a television journalist to a passionate lover. The versatility that he has shown with his last films is magnanimous and knowing the universal appeal that he shares with the industry now, he has promised to do films without the much debated smooches! While one might argue that it’s the passionate lip locks that help his films run, Emraan is all set to prove his critics wrong by embarking on projects, extremely different, trotting on to a road less traveled by most actors today.

With the much anticipated Ek Thi Daayan up for release sometime next month and the hugely awaited Ghanchakkar which marks the return of the crackling Vidya Balan-Emraan Hashmi pair on screen, it would be nice to see this warrior prince hammering upon the industry making a different identity altogether.

Koimoi wishes a very Happy Birthday to the uber cool actor, loving husband, caring father and above all, the amiable human being that Emraan Hashmi is known to be!





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