Bard beauty is the best way to introduce Haider in its entirety. While commercial takers can’t take their eyes off Shahid Kapoor for his obvious saleability factor, coming out most praised from the film is Tabu, who is nothing short of talent. In an interview to Koimoi, Shahid told us what a killer role she has in the film. He had said, “Hers is the best part in the film and people might go in talking about me but they will come out talking about her.”

Tabu at an event
Tabu at an event


We caught up with Tabu to congratulate her on the mesmeric success of Haider. Flooded with praises, the actress was seen visibly happy and proud of their product. She said, “The success of Haider feels great. To me personally, this has been amazing. I want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to like and appreciate it and got a taste of the kind of experience Haider ​was. Playing Ghazala was very emotionally tough, draining and exhausting for me and I am filled with gratitude that the film and my work has been accepted so beautifully by people.”

She had earlier played Lady Macbeth in Bharadwaj’s Maqbool and though the titular character of the film is Haider, it is essentially a story of Ghazala, her complexities and myriad shades of her love. Tabu isn’t sure if you can prepare for a role like this. She said, “I am not sure if we can prepare for a character like Ghazala or Gertrude, from the main play. No matter how much you prepare for the role and character, you’ll eventually have to go and be the character. It has to be natural and impromptu. I did not specifically prepare anything beforehand but everything came to me once we began filming, in the form that is conveyed in the film.”

An article in New York Times quipped about how the film should have been titled Ghazala and not Haider. The ever gracious Tabu smiled and signed off with her trademark grounded demeanor and humility. She said, “The reviews and compliments are my biggest accomplishments and I can’t be more grateful.”

Tabu has been considered a game changer in parallel cinema and the lady with her last performance is all set to prove that caliber and potential is more memorable than being a glam doll.

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