When Freida Pinto plays the mysterious muse, Dia, in Woody Allen’s You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, few men could take their eyes off the beautiful lady. Dressed in striking red dresses throughout the film, Freida mesmerizes her peeping tom of a neighbour, played by Josh Brolin. And it just gets more tempting from there. Josh invites her over for lunch and is taken-aback with her beauty. Though he discovers that she is engaged, he brazenly flirts with her, as does she. There is also a scene where Freida peels off her dress, much to the delight of her male fans and Josh. Expectantly, Josh leaves his (on-screen) wife for Freida!

The Slumdog Millionaire star is the supposed muse of struggling writer, Josh, in Woody Allen’s witty take on couples whose marriages are falling apart.

The former-model stars alongside acclaimed actors Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts and Antonio Banderas in You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger. Anupam Kher and Meera Syal play the roles of her parents.

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