The audience will get to see Indian cricketer Kirti Azad’s story in the film title Kirket. The story is his fight against the BCCI for discriminating against Bihar when it comes to selecting players for the Indian Cricket Team. Directed by Yogendra Singh and written by Vishal Vijay Kumar, the film stars Kirti Azad, Vishal Tiwari, Sonu Jha, Sonam Chhabra, Dev Singh, Ajay Upadhyay.


Kirket is produced by A Square Productions, Dharmaraj Films and JKM Films and produced by R. K Jalan, Sonu Jha, Vishal Tiwari, co-produced by Yusuf Sheikh. In an interview with Koimoi, we asked Yusuf Sheikh about Kirket and how the distribution of screens goes when there are multiple releases.

EXCLUSIVE! Yusuf Sheikh: Kirket Is An Interesting Film Where Cricketer Kirti Azad Fights To Get The Pride Of Bihar Back
EXCLUSIVE! Yusuf Sheikh: Kirket Is An Interesting Film Where Cricketer Kirti Azad Fights To Get The Pride Of Bihar Back

When asked if he ever struggled to get his film released in multiplexes when other big films are releasing, Yusuf told us, “I always plan my films as per the marketability. You will not find me running to multiplexes asking for programming. Some films don’t have the potential to be in multiplexes. Similarly, my marketing, my distribution and my production of the film is always as per its target audience. If the film has potential, it’s worth chasing the audience.”

The distributor-producer revealed that he never had to fight for screens during the release of his films. “Honestly speaking, I’ve not faced the situation where I have to fight for screens. Due to my relationships and due to the way I position my films according to the targeted screens. I always manage to get shows. I very firmly believe in the demand and supply business. If your film has a demand it is bound to become big. It will not lie in the corner.”


About his film Kirket and how he has planned the releasing strategy for it, Yusuf Sheikh told Koimoi, “I did an exercise for this movie Kirket. I wanted the country to be aware that there’s a film which has Kirti Azad’s story. Kirti Azad is a cricketer who played in the Indian cricket team during the 1983 World Cup. His story based on cricket is coming. It is based on the pride of Bihar. So we have created an awareness of these three things – a film called Kirket is coming, it is based on cricket in Bihar and it is a real-life story on Kirti Azad’s life. Now I’m looking for an audience who is interested in knowing this story.”

He added, “So it’s a very interesting film where Kirti Azad puts up a team to get the pride of Bihar back. He puts up the team in the opposition to the BCCI and the team has locals in it. So he shows how Biharis can fight and win a tournament. It’s a story of his struggle to find people to play in the tournament. He trains them. It’s a story of how those people play the cricket match and fight for the pride of Bihar. It’s an entertaining story which has all the ingredients of a masala film. It’s relatable and talks about cricket which is one of the most loved sports in the country. It is talking about the discrimination against the state which has got a population of 11 crore people. It’s also a story of discrimination against the people of Jharkhand.”

Yusuf Sheikh shared how he has planned to release the film as per his target audience so that it reaches more places. “Now the idea is I find people who are interested in this subject which is my audience. I will place the film in an area where my target audience is there. So my target is that this movie which has the caption called ‘Bihar Ke Apmaan Se Samman Tak’ will work in places like Bihar and Jharkhand. It will work in places where people are interested in cricket and in Kirti Azad’s life. People who are interested in knowing what happened between him and BCCI will watch this film. These are the USPs I am promoting and they will help in getting the target audience. So there is will be a sale of tickets and it will happen when the film reaches the people. These are the people who will enjoy my film and like the subject. So they will go and watch the film in the theatre.”

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