In 2016, Shivam Jemini grabbed headlines when Shah Rukh Khan retweeted his edited version of FAN trailer and offered him a job on Twitter. It has been 3 years since then and life has completely changed for Shivam.

After the right boost and encouragement Shivam got from SRK, he made his YouTube channel ‘Daring Ones Films‘ and made a lot of short films. He recently released his first web series titled ‘A Summer Story‘.


We got an opportunity to interact with Shivam Jemini and talked to him about how life has changed after working with SRK, his web series and much more:

Shah Rukh Khan's FAN Shivam Jemini Opens Up On Life After Being Offered A Job The Superstar, His Web Series & More
EXCLUSIVE! Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN Shivam Jemini Opens Up On Life After Being Offered Job By The Superstar, His Web Series & More

Read the interview below:

How has life changed and benefitted you after the SRK-Fan Trailer episode in your life?

Life has changed a lot because at that time, I was new in Mumbai as it was my first year in college. I was not that confident. But because of that one incident, a lot of media houses started approaching me and asking for interviews. My college faculty motivated me to make short films in college and assured that they’ll support me. When Shah Rukh Khan tweeted, everything changed in my life. After the Fan trailer saga, I made a short film called ‘The Last Class‘ which was screened at various festivals.

It benefited me a lot. The first thing a lot of people ask me is “Hey, you’re that Fan trailer guy, right?”. A lot of people know me because of the same.

How was your meeting with SRK?

In one word if I can describe, the meeting was magical. The meeting was quite a small one but then he remembered me as the Fan trailer guy and he was all smiling at me. I thanked him for everything and we hugged each other. It was all magic.

Did SRK hire you after offering you a job on Twitter?


I’d gone to Red Chillies when they called me but as I was in my first year of college, they said that I’m too young to work. In my second year, I got a chance to work along with SRK for his film Jab Harry Met Sejal for the marketing team.

If it wasn’t all the fame you got after SRK’s tweet, would you’ve still made short films and web series?

I might’ve started or it might have taken me some time to gain the confidence to start making short films on my channel. That Fan trailer was a video I made in my room alone using my camera and I wasn’t confident enough to ask for help from people. After the whole Fan trailer story happened, people contacted me saying they want to work with me for my short films. Someone like SRK appreciating my work was a good push to start with my short films.

Tell us how the idea of ‘A Summer Story’ incepted in your mind?

I had this idea in my mind for a long time that I want to make something. One day, when I left my job, I went to Marine Drive and was just looking around when this idea struck my mind. I thought what if a person meets a stranger and they talk and that’s how they connect about several things and become friends.

Considering you didn’t have enough manpower and it’s a budget constraint, how did you manage to make the web series?

I know that I don’t have a big budget so I decided that I will do it with my friends. But even then, I made sure not to disturb their working schedules and shot with them on weekends. And yes, it was quite a challenge as I am not only writing or acting in it, I am also shooting and have to edit the series. Even the other actors who are a part of it shot for scenes when they are not in the frame. So yeah, that’s how it panned out.

How is the response for your web series so far?

The response is very positive. Three episodes are out and the third episode has got a good response as people are curious to know what happened further.

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