Ram Gopal Varma Talks About Taking Dawood Ibrahim's Name
Dawood Ibrahim Exclusively Talks About D Company (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Trust Ram Gopal Varma for being brutally honest on any minute of his life. The filmmaker who has made a niche for himself by making crime thrillers based on real-life people and incident has never shied away from speaking his heart out. The filmmaker is now coming up with his new film D Company, based on the life of the most wanted gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

RGV joined Koimoi exclusively to talk about his new film D Company. The filmmaker got candid on shooting films amid the lockdown and also being fascinated by Dawood Ibrahim’s story. The filmmaker also spoke if he fears any consequences by taking real names. Read on to know everything you should and what the filmmaker has to say.

If you are unaware, Ram Gopal Varma took 20 years to shape his new film D Company, which is based on Dawood Ibrahim. Talking about being hooked to a story for 2 decades, he said, “See, when I say that, Dawood Ibrahim as a subject matter has interested me probably ever since the 93 serial blasts. Which is technically more than 20 years ago. Then I kept meeting people who kind of know him and interacted with him. And recently around a couple of years back, I met someone who was part of the original D Gang in Dongri. So I think what a man should collate from various people who interacted with him and various times in his life.”

Ram Gopal Varma added, “I realised how a guy who was a part of a street gang, turned it into an international crime syndicate. That is what fascinated me. That also, in a kind exposes the lapses in the system and the establishment. And no man is caused by himself, there will be many factors both on the right and the wrong side of the law. So it is very interesting. It is like the Mahabharat of the underworld.”

Further, we asked RGV if he fears consequences by taking real-life names, whereas other filmmakers refrain from doing so. He said, “No, because see I think, not that I know them on a personal level, but I would like to believe they feel that I am the guy who meet people, not good or bad. Crime is a legal world, and many time the cause of it can have a moral aspect to it, can have a circumstantial aspect, can have a compulsion, can strangely have an innocent aspect, which I have seen in my research of that. And they are business organizations, they use violence once in a while to straighten up things. So I don’t think they will really have a problem. That I will know they have a problem, only when I get the bullet. I hope I do not.”

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