Mandana Karimi is one of the fittest Bollywood celebrities. She rose to fame with Bigg Boss 9 and is hugely popular on social media. Her pictures and fitness videos become viral in no time. Her marriage was talk of the town back in 2017 but it didn’t last long.


She got married to Gaurav Gupta and within two months of her wedding, she filed divorce. Talking exclusively to Koimoi, she gave a strong message to all the women going through the same amid the pandemic and choosing to stay quiet.

Mandana Karimi
EXCLUSIVE! Mandana Karimi On Domestic Violence: “If Someone Really Loves You, They’re Not Going To Let You Go Through So Much Pain”

“My life hasn’t been really easy but the beauty of life is when someones goes through so much and you come out even stronger; that’s the beauty of love and life. I think that’s the power we have and that’s the power that I have took in my hands because yes, it hasn’t been easy. Yes, it’s very difficult to go through such situations. It’s not easy to speak up and it’s not easy to stand up against some other people where they don’t believe in you.”


She further added, “You are suffering in a relationship. It’s not easy to speak up and obviously, any sort of action that you’re going to take, it has own consequences. What I wanna say is just be strong and know that you got it. Do not let anybody from your family, from your in-laws family, from anyone, to tell you that you’re less because you’re not.”

“Everyone doesn’t matter, you’re small; you have a job or you don’t have a job, you are a successful person, every person as a human, you have value. The life that you have, it has value. So, if someone is trying to pull you down; if someone is trying to bully you; if someone is trying to keep telling you that you’re not good enough, you’re not this, you’re not that. STOP THAT. Don’t let them. Don’t let anyone tell you that anything less because you’re not. And make sure that your family or people who are close to you know what you’re going through because when I was in that situation I didn’t realise that I was in it. I was really unhappy and I didn’t even realise it. When my friends…they were like, listen, you’re changing so much, you’re not yourself anymore. Because I used to say ‘Relationships me aisa hota hain…Relationships me aise hi karna hain…NO! If someone really loves you, they’re not gonna let you go through that much pain because love is not pain. Loving someone makes your life a better place not a miserable place.”

Concluding the conversation, Mandana added, “I just wanna say that whoever is going through the same, you need to speak up and you need to stand up for yourself.”

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