Exactly a year ago, a horror film called Tumbbad hit the theatre screens and the audience was mind-blown with its story, direction, performances and outstanding VFX. The film stars Sohum Shah in the lead role. Tumbbad directed by Rahil Anil Barve and the story was written by Rahil along with Prasad, Mitesh Shah and Anand Gandhi.


The horror seen in Tumbbad was something the audience never witnessed before. It’s a story of Hastar, Vinayak aka Sohum’s greed and the destruction it causes in the end. Even a year later, we won’t give away any spoilers because the film is one of the beautiful cinemas ever made and everyone should experience it. To make every scene look exquisite, the makers worked on its VFX and technicalities for 6 years. Thus, the journey has been quite long.

EXCLUSIVE! On Tumbbad's 1st Anniversary, Sohum Shah Talks About The Journey, Whether It Will Have A Sequel Or Prequel
EXCLUSIVE! On Tumbbad’s 1st Anniversary, Sohum Shah Talks About The Journey, Whether It Will Have A Sequel Or Prequel

As today it’s #1YearofTumbbad, we spoke to Sohum Shah regarding the film. Along with playing the lead role, he also produced the film. Read the interview below:

It’s one year of Tumbbad. How does it feel? Do people still share their thoughts on the film on social media?

Yes, I’m quite nostalgic. A year ago, everything was happening so fast. It took a long time for this film to happen. It has been an incredible journey. People still write to me on social media, they thank me for making Tumbbad. A lot of people also, tell me that they feel sad that couldn’t watch it in the theatre as they feel it’s something to be experienced on the big screen.

After the success, you announced there will be a prequel to the film. Tell us about it?


We have both the ideas, of a prequel and sequel. We haven’t locked it yet whether we want a prequel or a sequel. We are looking for a good story. I don’t want to make something just because Tumbbad is a success. I want a great story and the day I find it, I will start working on it. So it’s not decided whether it’s a prequel or sequel.

Do you feel pressure or a sense of responsibility after Tumbbad’s success because the expectations of the audience are high from you after such an amazing film?

It depends on how a person sees it. If someone looks at it as pressure, it will feel that way. If I look at it as a responsibility, that will be a responsibility. I don’t take the pressure. I do films when I like the story as I did Tumbbad. If I think that I’ll fail or won’t deliver good, then I would never succeed. So I make sure that I don’t take any pressure. One must enjoy making and working on a film.

You played a Marathi character in the film despite not being a Maharashtrian. How did you manage to get the accent perfect?

Your question is quite fair. It takes time and lots of efforts to get things perfect. To get the accent right was quite a difficult task for me as I’m a Haryanvi. It was a struggle for me in the beginning to get the accent right.

When the shooting started, everyone told me to work on the accent. Most of the actors in the film were Maharashtrian. So they sounded good in Marathi and I sounded like a Haryanvi. Then I realized something isn’t going right. So I worked a lot on my Marathi accent. I enjoyed the process a lot. I hired a trainer and I worked hard on the accent. In the whole acting process for Tummbad, getting the accent right was the most difficult part.

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