10 straight successes in a row, right from Airlift to Mission Mangal, and now Housefull 4 pretty much coming on its own – It has been one remarkable journey for Akshay Kumar for last so many years. Playing different characters, film after film, and experimenting with genres and looks, the superstar has been enjoying the time of his life in front of the camera. While he has mixed up films which are dramatic, social, patriotic or thrilling, comedy is something that he has excelled in over the years. That can well be seen in his latest release Housefull 4 as well.


We get chatting with the Akshay Kumar in this exclusive conversation.

Akshay Kumar on his winning streak - "My run so far has been a huge blessing"
EXCLUSIVE! Akshay Kumar On His Winning Streak: “My Run So Far Has Been Huge Blessing”

It is remarkable to see the manner in which you have brought comedy in the period era. This is unprecedented, as period films are almost always dramas. While most take stereotypical Raja-Maharaja route, you are bringing quintessential Akshay Kumar humor to the proceedings. What went behind that thought?

Well you know me, I like to do the impossible, or shall I say the unconventional. I mean, I am the reel PadMan after all (smiles). Being unexpected is the best part of what I like to do. Constantly changing is what I feel fascinates people. You can have the perfect haircut, but people will get bored of your look eventually because perfection becomes the norm and the norm is boring. It’s only when you change your look, be it good, bad or indifferent, that’s what attracts people and their opinions. So with regard to Housefull 4 which has comedy set in an era where even jesters were killed if they failed to make their royal subjects laugh, it was the exact kind of challenge that I was looking for!

Yet again, you seem to have a crackling chemistry on display with Riteish Deshmukh. My personal favorite is the scene featuring you and Riteish when you ask for your ‘talwar’. Can we expect many such riotous moments in the film?


There is something so special and unique about Riteish and I when we are in a room together. Our chemistry can light up a dark alley at midnight, let alone each other. No matter what either one of us has been going through, we just make each other’s belly laugh 24/7. We have a connection which is rare as well as extremely exceptional. Housefull franchise just wouldn’t be the same without him. For me, Riteish is the secret ingredient of Housefull (smiles).

There are five more films that are lined up for release post Housefull 4. What is it that still keeps you humble even after such an envious run and line up?

Aside from my parents who taught me never to let anything get to my head, it’s my past and my failures that have taught me everything. Perfection is over-rated, failure to me is the force that makes me strive. My success wouldn’t mean what it means if it weren’t for how hard it was to get here. Life needs to be tough in order to genuinely enjoy those rare great moments. My run so far has been, touchwood, a huge blessing, and I think I am more excited about my line up than anyone. I believe when you work harder than hard, give more & more, life can sometimes hold out a helping hand. So be a good human being and just see what comes your way.

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