Mahesh Bhatt’s Murder 2 is off to an absolutely flying start all over India. Whether it is in the multiplexes or the single-screen cinemas, the opening response to the Murder sequel has been phenomenal. The collections in the opening shows have been in the range of 70-100% which would be considered bumper for the budget at which the film has been made and also for the star cast. After all, except for Emraan Hashmi, the film doesn’t have many saleable names.

MURDER 2 Murders CHILLAR PARTY At Box-Office!

Says exhibitor Akshay Rathi, who owns a chain of cinemas in C.P. Berar, “Our entire chain is playing ‘Murder 2’. Collections are house full in Nagpur in all our cinemas, in Raipur, Amravati and Bhandara. In other centres, the film has recorded minimum 85% collections in spite of the rains. Dhamaka hai!”

Murder 2 Box-Office

The early morning show in Indore at PVR was about 95% of the capacity. Likewise, the morning show at Velocity multiplex in Indore drew around 80% of the house full, that too, in the big auditorium. The best part of the bumper start of ‘Murder 2’ is that the response is the same in ‘A’ and ‘B’ class centres. In other words, the film is behaving no differently in Delhi from U.P., Rajasthan or C.P. Berar. In Delhi, the collections at single-screen cinemas in the noon shows (12 o’clock) are as follows:- Delite Rs. 55,000; Sapna Rs. 40,400; Vishal Rs. 67,660; Samrat Rs. 30,801; Shiela Rs. 53,000; Seble Rs. 22,000. All these are enviable figures. And the position in Lucknow at Novelty and Sahu cinemas is no different. The story is the same even at Meerut (Nandan cinema), Rae Bareilly, Allahabad, Gorakhpur and Muzaffarnagar (where both the cinemas drew full houses).

Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt seem to have made the film on a controlled budget of around Rs. 6 to 8 crore. Add another Rs. 5 crore for the cost of promotion, marketing and release, and you have an investment of Rs. 11 to 13 crore. Keeping the satellite and audio rights for themselves, the Bhatt brothers sold the worldwide theatrical rights to Ponty Chadha who, incidentally, had also acquired the worldwide theatrical rights of the recently released hit, Ready. Chadha, who acquired the rights for Rs. 14 crore, will also make a handsome profit. Firstly, he sold the rights for some of the circuits to individual distributors while retaining the distribution rights for Delhi-U.P. and East Punjab for himself as he is Delhi-based. Not just Chadha but also the distributors of the various circuits will make money on their investments. In other words, ‘Murder 2’ has become an earning proposal for all associated with the film. While the producers made profits before release, the distributors seem set to reap the benefits now.

Chillar Party Box-Office

Unfortunately, Salman Khan’s promotion doesn’t seem to have helped Chillar Party one bit. For, the initial of the UTV production venture is poor. Audience attendance at multiplexes is said to be low. In some cinemas, there are 8 to 10 people whereas in others, there are 20 to 40 in the cinema hall. From the preliminary reports filtering in, the attendance on the higher side is 70 to 80 people per show. Seems Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor (on whom a song in the film has been picturised) could not do together what Emraan Hashmi has single-handedly done! Put differently, ‘Murder 2’ has murdered the prospects of ‘Chillar Party’.

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  1. I dont think you have done your research properly.. to write this comments.Chillar party is rocking in the theatres.Its fully booked in some places. please get your facts right.

  2. murder-2 is super duper hit and every where whether single screen or multiplexes , a or b class centres it is recording bountiful collections. the film will surely prove profitable to all concerned. although the suspense is disclosed pre interval only still the movie sustains the thrill and excitement till the last reel. emraan hasmi draws applause from the audience throughout the movie. and the villian acts extremely well. everything here are in right doses. hearty congratulations and compliments to bhatt bros. YOU HAVE A WINNER ALL THE WAY.

  3. Emraan hashmi is the real king of bollywood…akela emraan 3 ‘khan’ par bhari hai…emmi bhai ke saamane sab chiller party hai…emmi always ro’x’s !

  4. Must watch murder2 frnds, strong story… Emraan acting very gud..i am watched first show,in punjab ludhiana..bumper opening…

  5. murder 2 best hollywood movie,emotional and heart touching movie.better than all movies like delhi belly.emraan thanx for entertaining us and nice suspense movie.villan does a great great job.I will give 5/5 rating.songs r the key and songs r placed in a very good manner in movie.MUST WATCH FRIENDS.

  6. murder 2 best bollywood movie,emotional and heart touching movie.better than all movies like delhi belly.emraan thanx for entertaining us and nice suspense movie.villan does a great great job.I will give 5/5 rating.songs r the key and songs r placed in a very good manner in movie.MUST WATCH FRIENDS.

  7. chillar party is everyone must watch movie,whereas M2 those who want romantic and thriller those can watch…its about sex…
    Chillar best over M2.

  8. Heyyyy…. Tum sab jo keh rahe ho ki emraan hashmi ke saamne sab fail ho unhe jaan lena chahiye ki 3 khans lambi race ke ghode hain…. Jahaan tak baat rahi film ke hit yaa flop hone ki to tum apni apni reports pakki kar lo kyunki chillar party bhi murder2 ki tarah hi super hit ki taraf badh rahi hai kkk

  9. That is an interesting comment you made about Salman Khan, his Production Company and CHILLAR PARTY. Trust me when I say that Salman Khan’s CHILLAR PARTY will be a BLOCKBUSTER! It may have started off slow …and as they say, GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES … so be patient and you will have a BIG SURPRISE!



    I AM Celestine~



  11. Salman bhai ki chillr party jabrdast hai.murser2 is bgrade film .thankss salman bhai for a gift for we r waiting for bodyguard

  12. imran rocks yaar,jagdalpur 1st show-39600,raipur 1st show-56760,dhamtari 1st show-49600,cg mein salman se jada imran ko pyar krte hai yaar.imran rocks

  13. M2 does well in almost every theatres and proves to b a superhit movie, also if v look at its first 3 days collection (22 crs.) it seems to biggest opener 4 d trio emraan-mohit-bhatts..:…..I
    Where chillar party with strong story, strong support,well performances seems as if towards drowning itself……..I
    Once again Murder proves itself:::::;;::

  14. i think murder2 film gud i like story par or kam karna chahiye tha..guddddddd chak de fateeeeee emimi bha ji da rol supab si……and vilan is very dangrous……..

  15. Chillar Party Awesome Movie Must Must Watch For Movie Lovers of all Age , Jhangya Rocks ..A SuperDuper Hit
    You Miss ‘You Will Regret……
    Toh Hal Bol………

  16. Chillar Party One of the BEST ever made Children Movie,100% Rating must watch, saw 4times,planning to watch again this sunday,i dont understand how come trade pundits are doing the calucation of the collection,if they come to the threatres they will come to know what collection the movie is doing….sorry to say but those who just knows to talk rubbish can never see good things coming,A must must watch movie’D’ont Miss” You will Fall in Love With The Movie…..A Simple Message Movie For All Of Us…….

    • Log kuch Bhi Kahe yeh picture super duper hit bole toh ekdum solid baap bahut saalo baad ek rapchik picture dekhne ko mile hai bhai…….eise picture khali jinke pass dil hai aur dimag hai wahi log tarif kar sakte hai ..
      Aur Apunko Jhangya Dekhkar apna bachpan yaad agaya bhidu…Jiyo Jhagya Jiyo…..Hala Bol


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