Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor

Nothing sets the Page 3 on blaze better than a star studded Big fat Bollywood wedding! And this time, the bride herself is a woman of remarkable personality, stature and repute–Ekta Kapoor. After making television what it is today, Ekta Kapoor is rightfully referred to as the queen of Indian Television. She bravely plotted a higher mark for her, when she entered into film production. While most expected her to be deliver clichéd films, she came up with surprise packages like Love, Sex Aur Dhoka, Ragini MMS, The Dirty Picture and more recently Ek Thi Daayan, giving a newer zeal to every genre she embarked on.


Now a leading daily quoted her brother actor Tusshar Kapoor dropping hints about Ekta’s wedding. Miss Kapoor who is 37 has finally found a man to match up to her boisterously fierce nature. Ekta’s parents, famous actor Jeetendra and wife Shobha Kapoor have been toiling for years to find a suitable match for their supremely successful daughter Ekta.

Tusshar in an elaborate interview with a leading daily emphasized that he would marry after Ekta. He went to snidely add that she will be married soon enough! Ekta appreciated docility and mostly likes people who are scared of her. Knowing her multi faceted nature, it is a challenge for any man to wife a woman like Ekta who is known for her nasty temper and brutal demeanor.

Whoever said confident women can’t be in a stable marriage will be adequately silenced by Telly queen Ekta Kapoor, who is known best for shunning critics and those who disagree with her!




  1. no doubt marriage can change ones’ attitude. in the case of telequeen ekta kapoor too. may God Bless Her!!!!!


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