Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta

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Does Twitter as a platform help a star draw his fans to the cinemas when his/her film releases? Do the posts of such stars on social platforms like Twitter/Facebook impact collections?
Komal Nahta: Not really! Unless the film is good, not many will spend money to watch it merely because the star posted comments on Twitter and Facebook.

Why don’t you have separate reviews for films, based purely on the aesthetics and other non-commercial aspects?
Komal Nahta: Such reviews confuse our readers who are more concerned with the business of films and, therefore, the box-office reviews of films.

Why is there such craze among youngsters to join the media industry nowadays?
Komal Nahta: Glamour has always attracted people. Besides, the taboo associated with the film industry has slowly been wiped off from people’s minds. As for the media industries other than the film industry, their importance has been highlighted enough in the last decade, thanks to the growing influence of TV on people to lure youngsters to them.

Komal Nahta, the Editor of Koimoi.com, is Bollywood’s most trusted trade analyst & film reviewer. You can follow him on Twitter and check out his Video Blog.

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