Sheena Nayyer & Jackie Shroff star in Cover Story, based on the story of a successful Film actress played by Sheena. ‘Cover Story’ is about a special assignment for a magazine, a one night account of an interview with the film star and the scoop that the correspondent gets for the publication. Dutch director Laurence Postma makes his debut in Hindi cinema with this movie. ‘Cover Story’ is the official remake of the Dutch film, Interview, of Theo Van Gogh, remade in Hollywood by veteran actor Steve Buscemi as Interview, starring himself and Sienna Miller.

Cover Story Movie First Look Poster
Cover Story Movie First Look Poster


Official synopsis: COVER STORY takes place across an eventful night when a veteran journalist discovers there is more to the leading actress he is interviewing than meets the eye, and as the interview progresses, he finds himself drawn into  the actress’ intriguing world. As the Dictaphone keeps recording, the interview derails, the characters collide and tension rises to a feverish level. Is this intimate interview of the actress, almost a confession (which for a different kind of reporter would be a publicity breakthrough), for real, or is she a better actress than he thinks she is? And does the reporter, with his approach, go a bit too far? The confrontation evolves into a passionate duel, with one overriding question: who is going to win?

Does this sound vaguely similar to Aishwarya Rai and Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine, or is it just us?




  1. Looks too similar to Heroine’s poster… anyway I liked the Heroine poster more… this one looks tacky.


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