Chetan Bhagat has now a days become a target for controversies. The author who usually hits the headlines with his remarks has now been charged with Defamation by a Bihar man. On what grounds? Well, the author’s recent book ‘Half Girlfriend’ has been alleged to be based on a family in Dumraon, Bihar and they have slapped a 1 crore defamation suit on Bhagat claiming to have portrayed their family in a negative light.

Chetan Bhagat
Chetan Bhagat

While Bhagat maintains that his book is a work of fiction and that it has no relevance to reality which means that the defamation claim is invalid. The author maintained that a family in Bihar feels they are a part of a fictional set up and and he is not even aware of their existence to be inspired by them.

All of Bhagat’s books have been adapted by directors for Bollywood films and Half Girlfriend too will be adapted by Mohit Suri for his next film. These claims seem to be just another excuse for both sides to earn their share of fame!

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