One of the popular independent singers, who have had a significant number of peppy songs to his credit, is Guru Randhawa. Within a year’s time, two tracks of Guru Randhawa in Bollywood have broken all records.

After his song, Suit Suit made it to music aficionado’s playlists, Randhawa’s 2016 number, Tu Meri Rani was recreated for Vidya Balan starrer movie Tumhari Sulu. One of the more recognized voices not only in Punjab but also in Hindi film industry.

Singer Guru Randhawa excited about his new single!
Check Out Guru Randhawa’s NEW Single Lahore!

Whether it is Bollywood or independent music, singer Guru Randhawa has proven his mettle in both spaces. With over 500 million plus views to his credit, singer Guru Randhawa is all set to launch his new single in 1st week of December 2017. Talking about the song Guru Randhawa comments, “This new song is called ‘Lahore’. It’s about a girl, who I have referred to from different places.

Like is she from Lahore, Delhi, Mumbai, London by comparing her to Lahore’s beauty, Mumbai’s move, London’s weather and so on. The beats of the song are peppy and I am sure the audience will be able to relate.’

Ask him how the idea of the song came along and the inspiration behind it and Guru reveals only a little bit by saying, “We were traveling by the car when these lyrics and beat came to my mind. It is basically describing a girl’s beauty and comparing it to different places of the world. Actually, I keep on listening to music everywhere and whichever beat or loop strikes my head first I start writing lyrics for it and get into the zone. I myself compose music taking inspiration from everyday lives so that my fans can truly enjoy the essence of the music that is being portrayed.”

Guru Randhawa’s songs Suit Suit and Ban Ja Rani were very well received as his singles and acquired further recognition when recreated for the movies. Expect Guru’s swag and style in his new song Lahore as well. Will it be adapted into a movie later? Guess, only time will tell! As of now, let’s get ready to groove to his new track

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