Prachi Desai
Prachi Desai

Prachi Desai‘s attempt at coming out of her ‘Ms. Touch Me Not’ persona has been abruptly cut short by the Censor Board. Some of her spoken words in her upcoming film ‘I, Me aur Main’ have been diluted or reworded to go along with the ‘guidelines’. One such casualty is the word ‘sleep’ that has been replaced by ‘stay’, thougha liberal stance has been taken for the word ‘a$$’.

“There is a point in the film where Prachi calmly shrugs away an apparent indecent proposal by stating that she won’t ‘sleep’ with the guy. However Censors saw red and a much diluted version with a dialogue ‘I won’t *stay* with you’ is what the audience gets to hear”, comments a source, “Of course a good impact of the scene has gone missing due to this mandate.”

This is the second time in two months that the voice of a ‘liberal progressive woman’, in the words of the makers, has been curbed. In ‘Inkaar‘, Chitrangada Singh’s much saucy invitation was changed from the three letter word to ‘adjust’.

When contacted, ‘I, Me aur Main‘ director Kapil Sharma confirmed the change imposed on his film.

“Yes, we get a bit of Censor notice that requested us to tone this down a bit. See, the debates with the Censors and Censorship will continue; I don’t see that there would be happy conclusion soon. In the context of the film, it is a positive moment. It is about a woman who is standing up for herself as the message is clear – A man cannot assume that just because she is modern and friendly, she would be interested in sleeping with him. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t been able to retain that stance though.”

He isn’t losing hope yet.

Says Kapil, “We will try to convince them again when the entire film goes to the Censors; after all, the curb was only for the promo. Hopefully we would be able to keep it in the film.”

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