Candy Brar, was a name not known to many, until the wild card entrant Viveik Misra mentioned it during his fight with Kushal Tandon on Bigg Boss 7. With people wondering who this girl actually was, the mystery behind her identity was revealed after she was discovered to be Kushal Tandon’s ex-girlfriend and entered the show as the wild card entrant. After her two week short stint in the house, the time finally came for the lady to bid adieu to her fellow housemates.

Salman Khan and Candy Brar on the sets of Bigg Boss 7
Salman Khan and Candy Brar on the sets of Bigg Boss 7

She had entered the caravan section of the house along with Ajaz Khan who was her sole companion in the forlorn place. After spending few days in the caravan, Candy entered the main house during the luxury budget task ‘Ignore the obvious’, the same task that had also historically marked Kushal’s exit from the show, after his much talked about scuffle with Andy.

Candy had entered the show to clarify her connection with Kushal and crack down Viveik for misusing her name during the fight. But unfortunately, she never got an opportunity to talk face to face with either Kushal nor Viveik. During her stay in the Bigg Boss house, she was seen getting friendly with Armaan who she had met earlier before the show. She also had on and off tiffs with Ajaz who used to tease her with Kushal’s name.

Talking about her exit Candy said, “I had entered this show without any pre-conceived notions or any game plan. I came on the show to clear my name and show people who the real Candy Brar is, before they could make any assumptions. Though I would like to believe that it’s difficult to survive in the Bigg Boss house, I am glad that could save myself from any controversy or argument thereby walking out with a clean slate.”

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