A Huge A-Lister Who Has Dated Multiple Is Bi & Has Dated A Guy – Deets Inside
A Huge A-Lister Who Has Dated Multiple Is Bi & Has Dated A Guy

There are lots of secrets in the Bollywood industry that nobody wants you to know. Who’s gay, who’s straight, who’s married, or who’s separated- Bollywood celebs often tend to hide things related to their personal life or personality from their fans while maintaining their brand image. Time and again we have heard a couple of stories of some celebs that you would never want to believe but are true!

One such sad but true story was recently revealed by an insider that you would never believe. Read on to know what we are talking about.

Well, the story is about a Bollywood’s A-listed actor who’s bise*ual. Well, the name can’t be revealed, but this big actor, who’s known to have dated multiple leading actresses, has also dated a guy from the industry. The actor in the question spends a great time with him and calls him his best friend in public.

A Bollywood journalist and TV show host Renil Abraham, who’s linked to the industry and its people for quite some time, recently sat down for an interview with a YouTuber Simmy Goraya where he spilled the beans on some never-heard-before secrets of the Bollywood industry.

Renil said in his interview, “A huge actor in Bollywood is very Bi. But you’ll never get to that space where the person will say it because he’s been with multiple A-list women and has been dating back-to-back, but you’ll never see the other side. As an audience, we also love toxic masculinity because they’re like gears, this is our men, you’ll never even think of it like that. If I say it also, the only person who will get hate is me. They’ll be like, “how dare you?” Have you seen it? I have.”

“He also dated a guy from the industry in the middle, not an actor somebody else, he was never open about it. They are best friends. Boys spending time with each other are best friends,” he added.

That apart, there are also a rumours about a newly married actor, who’s been texting Bollywood actresses and his wife is ‘okay’ with that. We wish we knew names, pun intended!

Watch the video at 16:38

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