"Bollywood Parties Are Flop If There's No Cocaine" - Big REVELATIONS!
“Bollywood Parties Are Flop If There’s No Cocaine” – Big REVELATIONS!


Sushant Singh Rajput case has exposed the ugly side of Bollywood. From nepotism and favouritism to drugs – there’s a lot hidden behind the curtain. But eventually, members are coming forward and opening all that they know. Kangana Ranaut had busted the racket when she revealed that B’Town’s favourite drug is ‘cocaine.’ Looks like what she said is true.

An anonymous insider in a sting operation has exposed the drug addiction in Bollywood. The person allegedly is a DJ and singer, well known for his re-mix albums. He has even gone onto reveal the code word used for cocaine and it’s ‘Gotti.’


In a conversation with India Today, the insider said celebrity guests would get upset if there’s no drug. “Your party flops if you don’t have cocaine. Are you a fool? Why did you call me? You don’t have coke?” he shared.

Furthermore, when asked about the favourite drug in the Industry, he confirmed that it is “cocaine.”

“It finishes fast because four-five people would queue up to take it,” revealed the source.

Bollywood members have a common guy who spreads the required material across Mumbai. “They would have some old man. He’d come on a rickety scooter. Nobody would suspect him from his looks. He comes quickly (when called). These people live in every area,” the choreographer added.

Talking about celebrity conversations during Bollywood parties, he says, “How much are you carrying? How much am I carrying? This is my dealer. Who’s yours? My substance is better, purer than yours. This is the main subject of their night-long conversations. Where has it come from? From which village in Columbia? Where was it mixed?” he said.

The choreographer even went onto confess that he used to do the drug too. “I used to take cocaine before. There was no other option. What would I do if all other people sitting there are taking? We would start at 9 at night and continue till 10-11-12 the next day,” he concluded.

With the Sushant Singh Rajput case taking the drug angle, a lot of Bollywood members may be exposed.

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