Tamil Writer Sues For ‘Enthiran’ Copyright

Aarur Tamilnandan, a Tamil writer, has moved the Madras high court, demanding Rs. 1 crore as  damages from the producers of Enthiran, alleging that the film is based on his published story, Jugiba. He had lodged a police complaint on October 25, alleging the same. He claimed that Jugiba had been published in a magazine, Iniya Udayam, in 1996, and in another magazine, Thik Thik Theepika, in 2007. He is seeking to be declared author and copyright-holder of Enthiran.

Amitabh Bachchan, Guzaarish Movie Poster, Rajnikanth (Enthiran Movie Still)

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Bachchan May Copyright His Voice

Amitabh Bachchan is reported to have said that he is considering a legal move to copyright his voice, after getting reports that a gutka company was advertising its product with a voice imitating his.

Writer Alleges ‘Guzaarish’ Plot Plagiarised

Writer-director Dayanand Raajan has sent a legal notice to producer-director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and co-producers UTV, seeking an explanation on how the story line of their Guzaarish has so many similarities with his unpublished novel, Summer Snow. Raajan claimed that the story line of the film is directly lifted from his novel, which has been read by a few people from the film industry. Raajan said that if he did not get a satisfactory explanation within seven days, he would move court.

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