Bubbly, chirpy, jovial and lively are some of the words that completely get a new definition when we talk about this “Superstar of Tomorrow”. Spunky and full of life as she is, Parineeti Chopra speaks from the heart! In an interview which ended up in too many breaks, thanks to our network issues, she reveals it all out with an added pinch of energy and vigor. “This is coming in so many breaks that the interview is surely the best I have done”, she smirks. 

A small town girl, hailing from Ambala, which she feels ‘lacks even community transport facilities’, Parineeti has struck a chord with the masses, thanks to her cutely innocent sex appeal and her irresistibly delicious cum stellar performances. Be it donning the role of the dumb bimbette Dimple Chaddha or playing the rustic and earthy fierce Zoya Qureshi with equal panache, Parineeti spill some of the biggest secrets unknown to her fans. 

On her upcoming birthday, she is not quite sure of what is happening but ask about how she spent her last birthday, up comes the effervescent reply, “Main pura din nahaai nahi. Pyjamas mein thi ghar pe. Yaar usdin I had an off from work. So I just spent the whole day watching movies”. Parineeti who is a self proclaimed ‘pizza fanatic’ confessed, “ I always had serious weight issues but I just can’t dodge good food (Laughs) When I went to London, all I did other than studies was to gorge on food and become this fatso. I am someone who would possible make all the weird excuses to avoid cooking. I am an out and out junk food lover. My trainers are tired of giving me special diet regimens each time because I am a nice cheater most of the times.”

Parineeti Chopra
Parineeti Chopra

But when she recalls all the hardships that she went through after she landed in recession affected India, she recalls, “Mimi Didi (Priyanka Chopra) was always so supportive and helpful. She was one major reason why I chose to work in Mumbai instead of Delhi. Initially I even used to stay with her. But I am a Punjaaban and I love my independence too. Every woman in our family is independently strong in their own ways. So the day I started working, I decided to move out, rather opposite to where she stayed so that we caught up most often. We share the most beautiful and the naughtiest bonds in the family.” 

In an industry where cousins like Kajol and Rani Mukerji are at loggerheads, it’s a welcome break to always see this pair of sisters bond on the pettiest stuffs. Priyanka, being an A-lister today, she definitely could have helped Pari get her foothold in the industry, but she had different plans. “Most people think I have a star-sister and it was very easy for me to get into the industry. People don’t know the truth at all. I came to Mumbai to work as an investment banker and Mimi Didi always helped me with contacts and that is how I landed up with the Yash Raj films. I also accompanied her to the shoots of Pyaar Impossible that time. But when it came to acting on screen, it wasn’t her call at all. I never knew I would end up being an actor. Maneesh Sharma used to tell me, ‘tu ekdin heroine banegi’. Those were the Band Baaja Baraat Days when I handled Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh and we gelled like a house on fire. We used to sing Sheila ki Jawaani and dance to it (Bursts out laughing). When I signed Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl, they said ‘kameeni we knew this was coming’!” 

While big sister Piggy Chops is a Shah Rukh Khan fan, Pari Chops is a ‘crazy Saif Ali Khan fan’. “I met him once and I was totally numb. I love him.” But no wonder, you ask her about her favourite actress and she doesn’t even let you finish your question, “I am the biggest Rani Mukerji fan and I wish I get to do all the roles she played on screen someday”, she exclaimed!

But what is important for this petite Superstar of Tomorrow is the fact that she doesn’t want to put a break in her career, whatsoever. Very clear about her future plans, she for-once tells something in a rather serious tone, “I don’t think you can plan anything. My funda is simple. I want to be always working. I never want to be free! I never want to sit at home. For that I will read every script that comes my way and do all the films that I really want to do. I really won’t have any plans as such. I am too new as an actress to have the information to strategize anything. Otherwise my sister is there. I am going to take her advice and keep moving on.” 

And we wish there is never a stop to this full-of-life human being who with her grounded nature is aiming for the zenith, and we are sure she will reach the stars soon!

Koimoi wishes Parineeti Chopra a Happy Birthday. Hope you keep soaring and shining bright like a Diamond!

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