Bipasha Basu has been driving on the fast lane for quite some time without any breather whatsoever. If the release of Players and Jodi Breakers within the first two months of the year wasn’t tiring enough for her, she is now neck deep into shooting for Raaz 3. Now that too would have been yet another day in the life of the actress but what’s really making it a tedious experience for her is the 3D shoot in play.

Bipasha Basu In Raaz 3
Bipasha Basu in Raaz 3.

“This is Bipasha’s first movie in 3D and she feels it is indeed a mighty challenge”, says a source from the production house, “It is tough to shoot with such technology at play and even though Bipasha comes with a good experience of around one decade in the industry, a 3D film is an altogether different challenge.”

In fact she has already confided in director Vikram Bhatt about her apprehensions and confessed that she needs a helping hand in getting the shots right.

“For Bipasha, Vikram is a close friend since the days of ‘Raaz’ and doesn’t hesitate even one bit reaching out to him”, says a friend of the actress, “Instead of trying to grope with the technology all by herself and merely following the director’s instructions, she wants to be an integral part of the process. Moreover since she is coming back to the franchise after almost a decade, Bipasha is also emotionally attached to the film. She wants to make it perfect though in the process of doing that, she is trying to come out as a winner in this 3D battle.”

On his part Vikram has been patient by far since he has already directed Haunted and Dangerous Ishhq in 3D. Now that Raaz 3 is his third attempt in this technology, he is confident of ‘tutoring’ his actors like Bipasha, Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta, the trio of Raaz 3.

Agrees Bipasha, “If the challenge was only restricted to 3D then it would have been relatively easier to handle it. However since the film also requires a very high emotional energy from me, it isn’t easy to play the balancing game. I have to be cautious about both aspects since while delivering a heavy duty dramatic shot, I also have to be careful about striking a right pose to get that 3D effect right. Yes, ‘Raaz 3’ is my most challenging film till date and I am glad it is happening with Vikram who is technically so forward.”

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