Stars have their own quirks about their clothes or accessories. Bipasha Basu just couldn’t tie her shoe laces and posted a picture of two girls tying her laces, “I need to learn to tie shoe laces ASAP! Embarassed that I can’t! No patience.. grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt! Will learn soon.”

Now this would have been a minor incident hadn’t the two girls in the picture looked like minors. Take a look:

Bipasha Basu Shoelace
The picture that put Bipasha in trouble.


What started off as a little indulgence has now been blown out of proportion as Bipasha has been blamed of encouraging child labour by making two little girls tie her shoelace. An annoyed Bips posted a couple of messages on defending herself, “Abt d pix,D pair of boots were a diff pair so my sis and my friend were helping me n I thought it looked damn funny n took d pix as a joke!”

Bipasha Basu With Sisters
Bipasha Basu with her sisters, Vijayeta and Bidisha.

Umm…we may not be experts, but the picture does not look like grown women, to say the least. Bipasha’s sisters, elder Bidisha & younger Vijayeta, are quite older than the girls in the picture.

But Bipasha was enraged, “Also ‘child labour’ is a serious issue tht can’t b used in such a light connotation. A pix put 4 fun gt picked up by ppl as ‘child labour’ is absolutely unbelievable.Jst so tht al get it right:neither of the 2 r children! I m nt embarrassed abt d pix At al,as it ws funny 2 me n still is! But I am shocked tht a small thing like this can turn into a furore hitting out on my character and being, Totally Unacceptable!”

Though we think “child labour” may be carrying it too far off, we wonder why Bipasha took the pic off her Twitter page if she wasn’t embarrassed about it…



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