Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu

The ultra-sensuous prodigy of tinsel town, Bipasha Basu, who confesses being a household name, and been in business for years, is on a promotion spree with her latest movie on the block-Aatma. The lady spills beans about being someone she never dreamt of being, but now dreams to do a lot more than just acting.


Come 2013, from Ajnabee to Aatma, how has your voyage been?
It’s been fantastic; it has been from a person who didn’t want to be an actor, but a doctor, to a full-blown actress today. You know the fact that I have become a household name, I am just blessed and I feel very grateful to the film industry, to the audiences, who kept me going. If you don’t have an audience connect, you’ll never be there for so long.

You have been tagged as the symbol of sensuality, or “sex symbol” of B-Town, does that reflect upon your performance?
Not really! The fact that I have lasted 13 years, without any backing, cannot be just because I look sexy or hot. There is more than that. I am extremely proud of myself. I don’t need to prove anything to anybody. Well, you think that you are too sexy or  too hot, then, maybe some would want to be proving that, you know, ‘I am a good actress’. Know to look beyond it, people are intelligent, maybe the film industry is not that intelligent, but the audiences are.

‘Bipasha with her dark side works more onscreen’. Do you agree to that?
I don’t agree to that, I believe Bipasha the actor, always works. When it’s a finely written role, it is always gonna work, it doesn’t have to be dark. When it is not regular, like a role which not every single actress will be doing, that’s when it works for me.

Bipasha Basu films and romance are almost synonymous to each other. No romance in Aatma?
There is never romance in my films (laughs). There is so much romance in my life, there is no need for romance in my films. I am a very romantic person, by birth, what to do.

What more do we see from you in the coming age?
I want to do more, and the good thing is that I have taken everything in my hands. Earlier I used to come on sets, finish my shot and bid adieu to all, and meet them during the promotions phase. But now, from the development of a film, to the development of the character, to the screenplay, story, casting, I am more interested in every aspect of film making.

Suparn Verma’s Aatma is releasing this Friday, 22nd March. Bipasha plays a mother trying to protect her daughter from her returned-from-the-dead husband (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who tries to take his child (Doyel Dhawan) away along with him.




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