Paulami Mazumder is 21 years old and a talented singer. She is pretty, ambitious and focused on her career. However, her life as an entertainer makes her lifestyle somewhat more outgoing than her parents like. Partho Mazumder – who works for a recording company, and Rupa Mazumder, who is a teacher, both feel that Paulami is out of control and should settle down. Their panacea – Marriage. The parents want Paulami to be parcelled off as a bride, and Paulami would rather die than get married and give up her career. The showdown is set – who will win the challenge of the Big Switch?

First the senior Mazumders are rudely awakened in the middle of the night by a ringing doorbell – their new daughter – Bosky Bhatia – 29 year old successful businesswoman, page 3 personality and all-round good time girl, and , of course, vehemently anti-marriage. Bosky is a little drunk and is dressed in a style that is shocking to the mazumders.However, they decide to grin and bear it, even when Bosky demands that her toilet be cleaned immediately to get rid of the stink so she can take a bath. Then she wants butter chicken. the mazumders make her some eggs, but Bosky turns chicken at the sight  of them. After a long night of arguments, Bosky passes out and the parents heave a sigh of relief. Then Bosky awakes, is fed and starts vomiting. She continues to throw up for hours, but the parents don’t seem to care very much that she is terribly sick. Is this what went wrong with paulami? Anyway, Bosky’s friends drop in at night to cheer her up and there is a wild party, which the mazumders take strong objection to, and the fight turns physical with glass being broken and tempers flaring. Bosky leaves in a rage. Soon after, so do the parents as it’s time for the next switch, but they don’t clean the house before they go!

paulami returns to a home that looks as if a hurricane passed through. She begins to clean her bedroom when her new parents arrive – Satish and kalpana Kaushik. Kalpana believes strongly a womans place is lesser than a mans, and that woman is nothing without a man. Seeing the state of the house they blame Paulami, and what should have been a peaceful meeting suddenly and shockingly explodes into a massive catfight. Mother and daughter maul each other, and Paulami’s painting is ripped and she is sent to bed weeping. After the mayhem of the previous night, the parents try and make peace. They feed Paulami, then take her shopping, eat golas, chat, laugh and discuss life with her as her parents probably never did. And so the second switch ends on a fairly happy note.

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