It has been a while we haven’t seen Harman Baweja around. He was always forgotten till he made an entry with Dishkiyaoon and the much buzz around his love life. Ask him where he was and he sportingly replies, “After giving 3 blockbusters, I decided to introspect a little in all honesty. I had put my heart and soul into these roles. I was 24*7 available. I love cinema. Period. I had put in a lot in films which obviously did not go down well. I had hit a very low point. The hype and hoopla around my debut vehicle was decent and it did not fare well. The media fraternity went very aggressive on the backlash. I probably went a little delusional about it and thought that it wasn’t that bad, everyone just overreacted.”

There is an eternal rule of success and Baweja understands it well. He smiles and says, “You obviously cannot justify something that doesn’t do well. So I had to sit and ask myself what did I want to do. The answer wasn’t as simple as the question. I just knew I wanted to do something more challenging.”

Harman Baweja in a still from movie ‘Dishkiyaoon’
Harman Baweja in a still from movie ‘Dishkiyaoon’

Probably the best thing that will work for Dishkiyaoon is the presence of Sunny Deol. No one can negate his fan base especially in the single screens. Harman was all of praise for the older Deol. “Sunny Deol has this aura he walks in with that defines who he is that evokes a sense of respect. You don’t want to get into multiple retakes with him involved. But Sunny calmed me down saying that he was struggling with the Haryanvi, not that he actually was. But that is graciousness of him making me comfortable when he easily could have intimidated me.”

Is Harman still perturbed by his obviously similar physical attributes with Hrithik Roshan? He answers very coolly, “Well, the comparisons with Hrithik Roshan did affect me a lot. But hopefully it’s a matter of time. Usually that is the index of relating to people, via lookalikes. That is what happened with me as well.”

Harman’s Dishkiyaoon is all set to hit the theatres on 28th March.

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