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Cast: Sunny Deol, Harman Baweja, Ayesha Khanna, Prashant Narayanan, Aditya Pancholi, Anand Tiwari, Rajit Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty

Director: Sanamjit Singh Talwar

Producer/s: Sunil A Lulla, Shilpa Shetty

Plot: Born in the upper middle class society, Viki had no mother and his father had no time for him. The cold loneliness of Viki’s world left him weak and tainted from within. Absence of love and care pushed Viki to find acceptance in other places. One such place was just a road away from his plush apartment- THE GANGSTER‐LAND.

Viki finds love and acceptance, where bullets don’t warn before firing. Interpersonal relationships are complex, situations are twisted. Ambitions break free, as Viki sets his eyes on the top‐spot in gangster‐land. He backs himself to de‐throne the existing king. Where people use might, Viki uses his mind. A game of dice begins. Each throw unfolds deception, double‐cross, uncertainty, mystery and shock. It all comes down to one final throw of dice and Viki must roll a six to win.

Given a choice between ambition and revenge, only a deadly mind would pick both. Viki picks both. Big dreams, big cost. Actions have consequences. A gun shot doesn’t discriminate, it makes the same sound for every ear- ‘DISHKIYAOON’.

dishkiyaoon Review
Dishkiyaoon Movie Poster
Dishkiyaoon Movie Poster

Rating: 0.5/5 Stars (Half Star)

Star cast: Sunny Deol, Harman Baweja, Ayesha Khanna

Director: Sanamjit Singh Talwar

What’s Good: A few action scenes and the dialoguebaazi that have gone obsolete from movies.

What’s Bad: Mostly everything else that comes in the package.

Loo break: Stay in the loo.

Watch or Not?: Dishkiyaoon is a film that is at best can be described as convoluted mess. Told in a linear fashion, the film is flat. With nothing alluring or inspired in the movie, teamed with bad music and worse acting, you absolutely must give this film a miss for your own good. Just a bad Friday, let it pass.

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Viki Kartoos (Harman Baweja) has had a rough childhood. Motherless and neglected, he is bullied at school. Coming under the influence of Mota Tony (Prashant Narayan), he aspires to join the dark world and become a Gangster.

The film is the story of how he takes on underworld biggies like Gujjar and Khaleefa, avenge the death of his master and finally attain stature and position as Gangster.

Does he manage to do that or gets wiped out is the tale this film has in store.

Harman Baweja in a still from movie 'Dishkiyaoon'
Harman Baweja in a still from movie ‘Dishkiyaoon’

Dishkiyaoon Review: Script Analysis

Perhaps on paper there was enough material to make the film seem interesting but it is so pretentious when translated on celluloid. The reason is clear. There is no detailing in the film. The characters arrive out of the blue without any backstory. The conversation between Viki and Lakwa (Sunny Deol) is amateurishly done. Introducing a film of this texture in this fashion is the last thing you expect from a Gangster film. The canvas isn’t strong enough to support the film’s vision and magnitude.

There are many interesting nuances which were left unused. Surely, the scriptwriter has researched enough on Puzo to get right the tone of the film. But the same feel couldn’t be mounted in Dishkiyaoon. The reference of Italian mafia though not elucidated, if elaborated could have been interesting. I somehow was expecting better drama in the film and what was meted out was extremely disappointing.

The story is infuriatingly complicated. The motives seemed messed up. And where it all heads seems hazy. The futility of the script is hard to erase and that harps you for all its runtime.

The romantic angle of the film is just as predictable and shallow. There is no density in the script, no intensity in its drama. The interesting points of the film haven’t been unraveled correctly which causes irreparable damage to the film overall.

Dishkiyaoon Review: Star Performances

Harman Baweja’s acting skills haven’t improved much since his last stint. Still low on acting skills, the actor doesn’t emote right which fails to add layers to his character.

I have no idea what Sunny Deol is doing in this film. Who he is, is unclear for most part of the film and after a while you lose interest in the film.

Ayesha Khanna is extremely forgettable. She isn’t an actress and doesn’t do a good job at it obviously.

The other actors are barely worth remembering and hence have been excluded here.

Dishkiyaoon Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

It is the lousy direction that butchered the film. What was the director trying to say is beyond me. It clearly didn’t make any sense. It is tiresome to watch something of this order because what it culminates into is frail and wobbly. Dishkiyaoon suffers at the hands of its filmmaker the most who failed to make the story pertinent or lucid. In the end it’s not a Gangster story but a simple revenge saga of a protege seeking it for the death of his master.

Gangster films must have better playmaker figures, better tonality, better drama and essentially a better script. I didn’t even have the luxury of seeking respite in the film’s music.

Dishkiyaoon Review: The Last Word

Dishkiyaoon is a bad film. There are no second thoughts or views on that. Terrible acting and a horrible screenplay is crucially damaging to this movie. I was very close to giving it a zero but the last scene and Sunny Deol earn this one a lenient 0.5. Kindly refrain from this altogether and do your filmy mind a favor. This is injurious to film viewing experiences as a whole.

Dishkiyaoon Trailer

Dishkiyaoon releases on 28th March, 2014.

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