While the teaser wowed you with its brilliance, Hrithik Roshan’s lady love Katrina Kaif too was wowed by her co-star’s steps. While addressing the media yesterday at the song launch, she was all praises for Hrithik. She said, “Hrithik’s flexibility is incredible. It is on another level altogether. It’s very difficult to dance next to him. You need to be a great dancer to dance next to him. You have to work really hard. Rhythm comes to him so effortlessly.”

The film’s title has every chance of being misinterpreted but Siddharth Anand explained that Bang Bang has jubilant tone to it. He elaborated, “Bang Bang is an expression of celebration. It touches a high of every emotion, of love, romance, drama, humor, visual appeal, stardom, music everything.”

Hrithik Roshan at an event
Hrithik Roshan at an event

Hrithik was going through his own lows, ill-health, treatments, divorce. Clearly it wasn’t the best time of his life but it wasn’t as difficult for the actor to play his character he claims. Hrithik explained, “We all go through our challenges but I am the person who enjoys it. Once you enjoy your struggles, once you have clarity of thought that nothing really lasts forever and all that is there in your hands is to put your best foot forward. No assumptions about anything and the day I stopped assuming, the best began to happen. I have discovered so much through the film. Apparently I am thought of as the guy who will lock himself inside a room for a character and all. The opposite has happened to me in this film. I have discovered Rajvir is me. When I started to prep, I had nothing to prep on because I feel the whole thing. It became so easy for me. I have done zero prep for this film. Once I overcame my challenges, everything became easy. This is the easiest film I have done in contrast to what I was going through.”

Bang Bang, directed by Siddharth Anand will release on 2nd October along with Haider starring Shahid Kapoor.

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