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The film industry appears like one big family to outsiders. Is it really so?
It’s like one big family with a lot of infighting and insecurities among its members. With every hit of one member, the insecurity of the other members increases!

How do satellite channels pay crazy prices to flop films?
Every satellite channel is in a race to augment its library, for which it is paying through its nose. Here too, demand exceeds supply, so prices have to go haywire. Some years back, the market for satellite rights had crashed, which brought stability in prices of satellite rights. The crash may happen over again.

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What is the sure way to ensure that your film takes a flying start?
There is no one sure way which can work for all films. Producers have to keep innovating marketing and promotional strategies all the time. A saleable star cast and hit music go a long way in ensuring a great initial but even they cannot guarantee a flying start always.



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