On the twelve year anniversary of Hrithik Roshan’s superhero film ‘Krrish‘, netizens took to Twitter starting a trend #hrithikvsthanos to shower their love on their favorite Superhero touting him the only Superhero to be able to defeat Marvel universe’s Thanos.


The Hollywood action superhero flick Avengers: Infinity War created a storm worldwide as it released this year. However, even an ensemble Superhero squad couldn’t defeat the ultra-powerful villain Thanos.

Indian netizens, however, have found the Superhero who could kill the Marvel villain with our very own Krrish aka Hrithik Roshan.

As Krrish celebrates 12 years, fans laud Hrithik Roshan as the only one who can kill Thanos!
As Krrish Celebrates 12 Years, Fans Laud Hrithik Roshan As The Only One Who Can Kill Thanos!

Fans flooded Twitter with comments showcasing their love on Hrithik Roshan as they tweeted #hrithikvsthanos on social media.


Several Twitter users expressed their thoughts on how Hrithik Roshan is the only answer to the Marvel villain Thanos and nothing but Krrish can kill him.

A fan said, “#HrithikVsThanos will be an interesting duel but I dont think Thanos can match his power”.

Another fan said, “Krishh is really a Thanos killer. He is best #HrithikVsThanos

Agreeing to the sentiment, a fan said, “Thanos is maut Krrish ke haathon ki hogi. #HrithikVsThanos @HrfcKolkata”.

Another fan said, “What many @Avengers cannot do @iHrithik has well and truly done it alone. #HrithikVsThanos @HrithikkRoshan”.

Showcasing his love for Hrithik, a fan said, “Our @iHrithik is really a Thanos killer. He can do What @Avengers can’t do #HrithikVsThanos”.

Yet another fan said, “If Hrithik gets on the Avengers team, he can be the reason for the downfall of Thanos! #HrithikVsThanos @HRFC_Ahmedabad”.

Krrish is the most loved Superhero of India, the 2006 film won hearts of the audience turning into a blockbuster franchise.

Hrithik Roshan has time and again impressed the audience with his versatile performance.

The actor will be next seen in his first ever biopic based on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar titled Super 30.




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