Anurag Basu is frank to admit that he was not at all happy when producer Rakesh Roshan decided to let famed Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner edit the international version of Basu’s Kites. “I felt bad,” recalls Anurag Basu, “when I was informed about the international version’s editing by another filmmaker.” However, Basu’s anger was short-lived. Once he interacted with Ratner over the telephone, he realised that the Hollywood filmmaker had understood the essence of his film very well. “That is when I thought, he would be able to do justice to my film,” smiles the maker of Kites.

Anurag adds, “The very fact that he volunteered to edit the film without charging a penny convinced me that he would add to the film. After all, why would a filmmaker of his standing want to edit a film without being associated with it and without expecting anything in return?” Basu was more than happy once he saw the international version of his film after it was edited by Brett Ratner.

Believe it or not but Anurag Basu met Brett Ratner only on 13th May once he reached New York for the film’s premiere at Times Square.

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