Amaal Malik Answers A Fan's Query Of Him Being Anu Malik's Son With "Thank God, I'm Not"
Amaal Malik Answers A Fan’s Query Of Him Being Anu Malik’s Son With “Thank God, I’m Not” (Photo Credit: Instagram/Amaal Malik & Anu Malik)

Amaal Malik is known for speaking his mind. The talented music composer and singer never minces his words even if it’s speaking against his close ones.


Amaal recently shocked his Twitter fans by tweeting that he is happy that he is not the son of Anu Malik. It so happened that a fan tweeted how he used to think Amaal was the son of Anu Malik. “Muje laga Amaal Malik, Annu Malik ka beta hain.” he wrote.

Giving a reply to his tweet, Amaal Malik replied, “Thank god nahi hoon”


Notably, Amaal Malik is a nephew of Anu Malik and son of Daboo Malik. While from his tweet, it’s clear that he is thankful for not being a son of Anu Malik, the reason is unclear.

His tweet might be in the context of the ongoing nepotism debate or even the #MeToo allegations on Anu Malik can be the reason. Earlier when Anu Malik was accused in the #MeToo wave, Amaal had said that it’s humiliating.

“When it happened, it is obviously a little humiliating. But, more importantly, I would like to say that my family is first my four people. Beyond that, I don’t count anyone as a family. Unki apni family (he has his own family) hai and it was a tough time for them,” he said while talking to Bollywood Life.

Well, we are not sure about the reason because Amaal didn’t speak about it. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section.

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