And it is that time of the year when Perfectionist actor-superstar Aamir Khan pulls off his invisibility cloak and comes out to promote his film PK. His second association with director Rajkumar Hirani, the first poster of the film got reactions varying from superb to atrocious.

At the poster unveiling yesterday, Khan told the media what was the motive of the first poster. Aamir said, “I want you to be confused. We got very strong reactions. While some have loved, others have deemed it as a publicity stunt. We are not doing anything to create sensation. The first poster was a key part of the film. It tells you a lot about the film’s story. Industry reaction was good for us.”

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Slashing their critics, Vidhu Vinod Chopra added, “It took Raju 4 years to write. When someone points fingers at us, they should go back and look at our body of work in the last 8 years and the reputation that entails our work.”

Continuing to elaborate on fhe first poster and even the second one, Aamir added, “All these posters are moments in the film. There was no separate photoshoot for it.”

He continued to describe the strategy, “It was an organic journey. We wanted to show different shades of the character. The idea was to release a poster every two weeks. There are 8 to 10 posters till the time our film releases.”

But the first poster was a copy, much like Dhoom 3. Has the perfectionist shifted towards borrowed creativity. Aamir combated it with, “We had no idea about the copied bit. It is a moment in the film and hence it is not possible that it is copied. We had no idea of its similarity.”

So is it a photoshopped work or all real. He said, “I had to work very hard. Please don’t call it photoshopped. I was in prep for Dhoom 3 and hence my body was already in shape.”

Speaking of his mu h awaited film and the role, Khan concluded with, “I think all my roles so far put together weigh the same as my role in PK. I am too touched, too emotional about my role in this film. Though during shooting I had to control my laughter given Raju’s style. The effort is too much. It’s one of my favorite films I have done till date. Though the final product of the film isn’t complete till date, I think we are going in the right direction with this film. Raju and Abhijat have written a brilliant film.”

PK starring Aamir alongside Anushka and Sushant Singh Rajput will release on 19th December.

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