A Chhatisgarh royal says filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali must show Padmavati to the Rajput organizations as the film is related to history and has slammed the way the movie has a song depicting a Rajput queen doing the Ghoomar dance.


Heena Singh Judeo, daughter-in-law of Dilip Singh Judeo of Chhattisgarh’s erstwhile royal family, told IANS over phone: “Our only demand is that the filmmaker should show us what the movie is, because it is related to the history.”

No Rajput queen danced in front of anyone: Chhattisgarh royal on 'Padmavati'
“All The Rajput Community Organisations Will Unite & Stand Against Padmavati”: Chhattisgarh Royals

“History has witnessed that none of the Rajput maharanis has ever danced in front of anyone, and they cannot play with history,” she said, indicating the Ghoomar song which features the film’s lead actress Deepika Padukone.

The royal said filmmakers must respect Rani Padmavati “who did Jauhar (self-immolation) with 16,000 ladies, and who gave her life for Rajputana and Hindutva, but they are showing it in another way.

“We are just saying that we should know what they have given in the movie exactly,” Heena said, stressing that Rani Padmavati was like a “mentor to Rajputana ladies”.

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The Supreme Court dismissed a plea to stall the film’s release.

On that, Singh said: “All the Rajput community organisations will unite and stand against it (the film). They always show Rajputana love story, they never show whatever they have done (sacrifices). And Sanjay Leela Bhansali always does this. We have also written a letter to the censor board and to everyone.”

Bhansali has earlier said the movie is his tribute to the valour and sacrifice of Rani Padmavati, and has repeatedly clarified there are no scenes that may hurt the sentiments of any community.

Deepika, who essays the Queen in the movie, had told IANS in an interview that she is confident Padmavati will release and that the outrage over the film is “appalling.

To that, Heena said: “She is not a Rajput and that is the reason why she is saying like that. She is only looking at her career.”




  1. Dear royals, you can all stuff your opinions up your ar$$. This movie will rock – you like it or not. C’mon, this is just a work of fiction.”Padmavati” is just a name and it doesn’t relate to any historical character who existed. The director has just made up a story similar to what happened and nothing here is being distorted. So, if “Saheb, Biwi aur Gulam” has been here all the time, does it mean that all the royal Ladies were whores? Think about it.

    • No doubt that you are a nothing more than a nut. History of Rajputs and Khalji is “just a work of fiction”. Eat the human food and then grow up.

      • I guess you didn’t quite grab the meaning of my statement. “Padmavati” can be anybody’s name. This movie can be made into any kind of twists and turns just through inspiration and NOT BASED ON EXACT facts. Why people are getting upset about “a movie”? I never said History of Rajputs and Khalji is “just a work of fiction”, like you stipulated. But yes, a movie IS a work of fiction. That’s it. Now you can have a share of what I eat :)

      • Thanks for your comment. I never wrote that History of Rajputs and Khalji is “just a work of fiction” – read my comment properly. This is a movie and it’s a work of fiction not based on exact facts of the related history but inspired from it and so, anybody can just tune it to their own way and make a story where a character can be called “Padmavati”. Don’t know what the fuss is all about a movie anyway.


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